Heartfelt Connections Book

Table of Contents



Foreword by Steve Dale

Animals Who Help Communities

Chapter 1 Community Cats: Felines Who Make a Difference

Chapter 2 ILLWIS Search and Rescue (SAR) Dogs: Saving Lives and Helping Communities

Therapy Animals

Chapter 3 Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy: Miracles for Children

Chapter 4 Equestrian Connection: Miracles through Movement 

Chapter 5 Pet Partners: Animals Improving the Lives of People

Chapter 6 Niki Kuklenski: Intuitive Llamas Who Delight Everyone

Chapter 7 Misty and Norman Carter: Incredible Intelligence with a Snout

Animals Who Help Us Overcome Challenges

Chapter 8 SitStayRead: Dogs Helping Children Learn to Read 

Chapter 9 Healing Horses: Equines with Unique Sensitivities

Chapter 10 War Dogs Making It Home: Heroes in the Human and Canine World

People and Organizations Who Save Animals

Chapter 11 Kickapoo Animal Rescue Alliance (KARA): The Happy Animal Family in the Woods

Chapter 12 Wedrose Acres: An Animal Sanctuary for All

Chapter 13 A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife: Exotic Birds Find Lifelong Homes and Loving Care

Chapter 14 Tabby’s Place: The Lasting Legacy of One Cat

Individual Connections

Chapter 15 Lori Choman and the Feral Cat Who Saved Her Life

Chapter 16 Katherine and Annadude the duck

Chapter 17 Susan: Stray Cats Repay a Debt

Chapter 18 Carol Lussky and Her Sweet Sheep

The Nature of Human-Animal Connections

Chapter 19 Robert Vetere: Passionate about the HumanAnimal Bond 

Chapter 20 Research Evidence for  Heartfelt Connections

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